New Products: Buono Drip Kettle and Cafeor Dripper

We’ve just taken stock of some new Hario products: The Buono Drip Kettle and the Cafeor Dripper.

hario buono kettle with cafeor dripper

The Buono Drip Kettle is specifically designed to be used with pour-over coffee makers. For those of you not familiar with making pour-over coffee; for the best results you need to pour the water over the grounds very slowly. This gives the coffee time to extract sufficiently. If you pour too quickly there’s not enough time for the water to dissolve the coffee’s solubles so you’ll end up with an under-extracted cup of coffee.

This is where the Buono Kettle comes in. It’s been constructed with a long, narrow spout to restrict the flow of water, so it’s easier to pour very slowly from it. What’s more, the spout is very accurate, so you can ensure that all the coffee grounds are evenly wetted. The kettle may look expensive, but it really will improve the taste of your coffee and as its made from stainless steel, if it’s well look after, it will last for many years.

The Cafeor Dripper is based on Hario’s popular V60 Dripper. The difference between the two is that the Cafeor has a built in stainless steel filter, so doesn’t require any papers. This obviously saves you money, but it also has another affect – the coffee brewed tastes different. This is because paper is a much finer filter medium than stainless steel. The holes in paper are much smaller so unlike stainless steel hardly any oils from the grounds pass through to the drink.

more oils equals less clarity, less oils equals more clarity

It’s the oils that give coffee much of its body, but at the same time they reduce the clarity of its flavours. So using paper filters makes a coffee with a light body with high clarity of flavours; whereas, using a stainless steel filter makes a coffee with a fuller body, but the flavours are less pronounced.