Clever Coffee Dripper and Filtropa Filter Papers

Pour-over or filter coffee makers have never been that popular here in the UK, which is a real same as they make great coffee that tastes quite different to coffee brewed in a cafetiere (which is the coffee maker of choice in most households).

I think a lot of people are put off by their electric counterparts which don’t make great coffee at all: they often use boiling water, they take too long to brew and then they’re left on a hotplate to stew; so the result is a bitter coffee syrup. Trust me, these manual versions will make a much better brew and are much better value for money.

What’s a Clever Coffee Dripper?

This week we’ve taken stock of some more pour-over coffee makers. We now stock the Clever Coffee Dripper as well as a more standard filter cone by Westmark, and of course not forgetting a range of Filtropa papers to use in them.

new pour over coffee makers

For those of you who’ve not heard of the Clever Coffee Dripper, it’s a clever (excuse the pun) hybrid of two brewing methods: the cafetiere and the pour-over. With this coffee maker you get the prolong steep time, like a cafetiere, for a full-bodied coffee. But then the coffee is filtered, like a pour-over, through a paper filter to remove any sediment. Simple to use and tasty coffee – what more could you ask for?

clever coffee dripper instructions

Brewing Methods for the Clever Coffee Dripper

Here are two of my favourite videos for the Clever Coffee Dripper:

By David Walsh


By Nick Cho