Coffee Flavoured Dog Shampoo? What are they Thinking!

There are some questions in the universe which even Stephen Hawking can’t answer. Like why do they perfume car shampoo? Do the chemicals in the shampoo really smell that bad that they have to mask it with delicate fruity aromas? Surely no one cares that much how the outside of their car smells? I have never (nor have I seen anyone else for that matter) sniff the bodywork of their car. Its just wrong!

car bodywork smells
Anyway, another unanswerable question came up earlier this week with the introduction of a new product: ‘Petspresso’ a coffee flavoured dog shampoo. According to its manufacturers, it contains coffee grounds, which apparently eliminate stubborn odours from your pooch. The question is however, who will buy this product? If you don’t like coffee you’re not going to buy it. If you do like coffee you’re not going to buy it.

Seriously, if you like coffee why would you want your dog smelling of it? Dogs stink: they have bad breath, they fart and when they get wet…well enough said. Now do you really want those smells partially masked by a waft of coffee? Unless you’re infatuated with your dog, this will quickly put you off drinking coffee.


After all, smell is a powerful memory trigger. When I used coffee grounds on my lawn, the weeks of smelling slowly decomposing coffee was nearly enough to dent my coffee libido. Luckily, I could close the door on the grass (and its smell), leaving the outside outside. You can’t really do that though with the household pet. “Sorry Fido, you’ll have to stay outside in the rain, cos you’re putting me of my coffee”. Quick call the RSPCA!