New Product: Handpresso Wild Hybrid Outdoor Set

Another new Handpresso product this week: the Handpresso Wild Hybrid Outdoor Set. This set is quite possible the ultimate portable espresso kit – the only thing it’s missing is a grinder (a Porlex would go nicely).

handpresso wild hybrid outdoor set

The set includes: a Handpresso Wild Hybrid portable espresso machine, which can brew either E.S.E. pods or ground coffee; an insulated flask (with built in thermometer) to carry hot water; 4 unbreakable espresso cups; and a serviette to wipe up any mess. It all comes in a lightweight, yet tough case with extra storage pockets and fitted with an adjustable shoulder strap. So it’s perfect for enjoying espresso outdoors: whether on a relaxing picnic or climbing up the side of a mountain. You can even take it to the office with you: we’re sure you’ll get some envious looks.