New Products: Ascaso Coffee Grinders and Sagaform Travel Mugs

We’re now stocking the Ascaso I-Mini and I-Steel coffee grinders again. However, this time we’re carrying the i1 version of these models, which have a better spec than the i2 ones we used to sell.

ascaso coffee grinders

Differences Between i1 and 12 Coffee Grinders

Both the i1 and i2 versions look identical on the outside, its the internals which are different. I’ve summerised these differences in the table below. As you can see, the i1 version has bigger grinding burrs (which are flat as apposed to conical) and is driven by a much more powerful motor, which rotates at slower speeds. Although the i1 is more expensive than the i2, I think the price difference is worth paying.


i1 i2
Motor 250w 140w
RPM 700 1200
Grinding Burrs     54mm flat burr     38mm conical burr


Sagaform Travel Mugs

We also have a new addition to the every popular Sagaform travel mugs. We’re split in the office as to what the pattern on these Dandy mugs reminds us of more: a (slightly square) bicycle wheel or the inside of a grapefruit. What do you think?
sagaform dandy travel mug


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