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New Products: Ascaso Coffee Grinders and Sagaform Travel Mugs

Monday, March 19th, 2012

We’re now stocking the Ascaso I-Mini and I-Steel coffee grinders again. However, this time we’re carrying the i1 version of these models, which have a better spec than the i2 ones we used to sell.

Sagaform Travel Mugs

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

travel mug lidFollowing on from the popularity of the Sagaform Takeaway travel mug, we’ve now decided to stock this mug in two additional designs: Pix and Flower. Some of you may remember me writing about these travel mugs back in March last year. I still stand by what a said back then. These mugs are great because as they’re made from porcelain there’s no metallic taste. One drawback though – if you don’t count only keeping drinks hot for around 45 minutes – when I make my partner a tea in mine, she says she can still taste coffee (she’s not a coffee fan – well not yet anyway). I’m not sure why, I think maybe the silicone lid absorbs some of the aromas.

Rattling Cup Holder

Thursday, March 4th, 2010

cup holder with new travel mugRecently I decided to take advantage of the Government Scrappage Scheme and swap my old beast for something a bit more refined. Everything is great with the new car, except for one thing, it makes a slightly annoying rattle when I used the cup holder.

Now I used to use a stainless steel Planetary Design travel mug; which is brilliant at keeping my coffee hot (possibly too good). I’d make it half an hour before leaving home, for it to be at a drinkable temperature 20 minutes into my journey! After an hour and a half, it would still be reasonably hot.

As this travel mug is made from metal, I thought this might be part of the problem. Stainless steel is fairly resonating. So I decided to try using a different travel mug. As we had just taken delivery of some new porcelain travel mugs, by Sagaform, I chose to use one of these.

Unfortunately, this didn’t solve the problem. I still have a rattling cup holder. But rather than a high pitched ‘ting ting’ my new porcelain mug makes a low grumble.