Tescoma Paloma Stove-top Espresso Maker

tescoma paloma stove-top espresso makerWe’ve taken stock this week of some new stove-top espresso makers from a company called Tescoma. Their Paloma coffee maker looks set to compete head to head with Bialetti’s stalwart the Moka Express. They both look pretty similar; they’re both made from aluminium; but the Paloma is cheaper in price and comes with an amazing 3 year warranty (as apposed to 1 year on most Bialetti models).

Having inspected the Paloma close up; the build quality looks good. The only thing I’d mark it down on compared to the Moka Express is the finish on the aluminium bodywork. The surface on the Paloma looks a bit scruffier and less polished. But they’re up to the job and I think they represent great value for money.

We’ve been looking for an alternative brand to Bialetti for quite some months now. While there are many other manufacturers of stove-top espresso maker, most of them fall down as they don’t make spare parts. This is crazy as the washer that seals the two parts of the coffee maker together will eventually wear out. If you can’t replace it your coffee maker becomes complete useless; it will leak and won’t be able to build up enough pressure to brew coffee. Luckily Tescoma has the foresight to make spares. We already have the washer and filter sets in stock and will be getting the filter funnels in the next few weeks.

fc tescoma zlin logoNow for those who haven’t heard of Tescoma, I shall give you a quick background on the company. Tescoma are based in the Czech Republic and have been manufacturing kitchen utensils for both the home and the catering industry since 1992. They export their products to over 60 different countries (although they’re fairly new to the UK market). They also appear to either own or have the naming rights to a football team in the Czech 2nd division: FC Tescoma Zlin (maybe Man City and Chelsea should take note if they’re still struggling to pass Uefa’s financial fair play regulations).

Watch demonstration video of the Paloma – look out for Mattia Poggi’s chessy grin at the end.